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Mantle decor, think outside the box.

I swear my mantle is the one place I have the most issues with decorating it.

Pic from @misdiy on Instagram, simple and pretty.

Are you like me? It literally takes me weeks to get it together, to end up not loving it and restarting the whole process over again. Darn mantle decor…

I did this mantle decor after the holidays. I never really liked it but it was done.

Now I can’t stand it anymore, so it’s time to switch it up.

See that big frame, it was an old screen window that I switched out the screen for sturdy chicken wire. It is one of my most cherish piece I own. It’s so versatile, I can hang frames, I have one in my bedroom for my jewelry. If you can make a piece like this, go for it, it’s so worth it.

Moving along, I’m still in the process of updating my mantle but really wanted to show you clever things you can do.

This is where I’m at with my decorating. Still iffy ( that’s a word right), about my setup, I think the bird plaque is bothering me because of the colours.

I thought I would share with you my mantle decor, think outside the box ideas. I love taking something and using it in a different way that it was intended.

Here to hold my faux plants I took over the door storage and hung them up on my chicken wire window. Smart right.

I scored these at Homesense for 5$ each in the liquidation section. I love, love, love these with the faux plants.

Can you tell what this is suppose to be? It’s a plate charger. Way too pretty to be hidden behind a plate, right?

For this piece I got a good solid hook and place it upside down so I could hang it on the chicken wire.

It works perfectly, love using hooks upside down, try it, so many things you can do.

Do you have any clever uses for using pieces in different ways?

Share them with me.

This is my mantle decor, think outside the box.

Still debating on what to change and fix it up, give me ideas please, or I’ll be on this for the next few weeks.

Over course I have blogged about my mantle before, check it out here.

I really like that one, maybe I’ll just tweet it and go back to that. Oh help me already!

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