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Think outside the box, great decorating tips

Thinking outside the box

Don’t you just love when you can create something new and different from the mundane. I do, I do!

My all time favourite pieces in my home are items just like that. Pieces that I have revamped into something just for us.

Great way to think outside the box is to go back to basic. Simplifying our thought, asking ourselves what can I use to fix my problem.

As you may know by now, I love savvy shopping. Finding great deals spark joy.

Especially that I love to fix up something I have purchased, i don’t want a big ticketed price.

Never settle for a piece that just doesn’t cut it. Garage sales, thrift stores are great places to shop. You get great pieces at a fraction of the price and freedom to update these the way you please.

Now I do purchase new pieces, but only if it’s at a great discount, because I am definitely going to modify it at some point. Plus it needs to serve a purpose.

This super cute box I got from the liquidation section at winners. I got it for 13$ cad. It was the perfect box to transform into my medicine cabinet. I new I didn’t need big. I purchased a magnetic closing system from lee valley. ( I don’t remember the cost but I would say 8$ max)

Super hubby put it together and hung it on the wall. And voila, the perfect decor and functioning piece that I needed.

We did this 10 years ago, to this day I still love my savvy little cabinet.

My hunt for a TV unit. I just could not find the perfect piece at a reasonable price.

One day perusing wonderful Amazon I stumbled on this black metal shoe rack. Regular price of 75$, I got it on sale for 25$. Jackpot. I new this piece was going to become glorious. I had an old IKEA piece that I didn’t use but couldn’t part with. Well I know why I kept it, the wooden butcher block top was perfect for my shoe rack.

Again trusty hubby to help my vision come to life. I love, love this piece.

Now easy little project from my old crib. I repainted one of the sides and there you have it, blanket holder. Another piece I love that creates interest and functionality all at once.

Here’s another idea that I spotted on Instagram for crib sides or an old ladder, i kind of what to be a copycat right now.

This table I had purchased at a second hand store a while back. It has been used many different ways in the past. I had this as my daughters change table, which is probably my favourite memory of this piece.

Now it’s my entryway table but really it needs a new home. Might just go in my bedroom.

Another little favourite is our bird bath that serves as our change pot.

All these are my most cherished pieces.

Hope you get ideas to help you with your decor dilemmas.

Share your great decorating tips from thinking outside the box.

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