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Coffee lover crocheter

When I was young, i remember seeing my mom and grandmother crocheting all the time. It’s a vivid memory of mine, one that I cherish.

As a tween ( what they call 12-13 year olds these days) my mother had taught me how to crochet. Fast forward 20 somewhat years later, I wanted to give it a go again. Could not for the life of me remember any of it.

So like many that want to learn something new, I turned to Pinterest and YouTube. I practiced and practiced and made horrible things. Practice does make perfect, whatever perfect is.

Yes I knit too, but for pic purposes sometimes crocheting or knitting is messy.

For a few years now I have crocheted for pure hobby. I have always had the entrepreneur bug and had many different crafty ventures.

After following many patterns, learning to read diagrams, I have decided to write my own. Why not?

It’s something I enjoy doing and really heals my soul.

From a wound up ball of yarn I can create anything I please.

I knew that writing a pattern would not be easy, but gave it a go.

The creation of my java market bag came to fruition. Java, you guessed it, I’m a coffee lover. Just call me the coffee lover crocheter. Now to figure out how to drink and crochet at the same time without getting your coffee cold.

Java market bag

Why a bag you might ask? Well, I like bags, they are practical, useful and super bonus made of cotton, eco friendly, what’s not too love about this bag.

Check it out, isn’t it beautiful. It’s farmhouse meets farmer market in pure harmony.

I have so many more ideas for different bags now, I wish I could crochet and write much faster.

Wish to create one for yourself?

The first in my series of market bags pattern is available on Etsy here.

Stay tuned for more coming your way.

If you can’t crochet send me a shout, I’d love to make one for you.

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