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Crochet healing the soul

It’s been a crazy last few weeks. Hubby getting surgery on his wrist, I’m off work since there is a lack of it, and my daughter traveling to Barcelona. Lucky girl.

Off work somewhat caught me off guard, it does bring uncertainty especially with one less salary.

So anxious, nervous, not knowing where I’m going I went down the rut tunnel. It’s the worse, I made it out, digging my way out with tiny projects and from help from this guy. Crochet healing the soul.

Ok, I won’t lie, I crocheted like crazy. I have actually lost track of everything I made.

I’m sharing with you the few pieces I have created. Not sure what I would do without crochet, it definitely saves me from my mind rumble.

I’ve made another tote. I previously had made one ( navy and white) and really wanted to recreate a new one.

Not sure where I got this pattern from. Many are similar in the making and small tote pattern can be found on Pinterest. I do really like this one.

How cute is this purse? I love it, I found the pattern here. I tried following the written pattern but ended up following the diagram.

Plus I lined it, which included me using a sewing machine. We are not friends, but I tackled through the pain. Lol. My mini sewing machine, small like me.

Then I saw a market tote that I had to try out. Found the pattern here. Again I skipped the last of the written pattern as it wasn’t clear to me and it forgets to mention your second colour change.

I do love it and will probably use this for many different uses.

In the process of creating another market tote. I’m following this pattern. I think I’ll be creating my own very soon. I guess I’m getting ready for Easter with my stitch marker. Isn’t it cute…

I’ve made more crochet items but like so many crocheters, I have some unfinished business.

Share your favourite totes or market bags.

Crocheting or any work with your hands does help with anxiety and stress. Give a new craft a try, it might just be your light you were searching for.

Crochet healing the soul is my therapy.

You don’t crochet, your in luck a few of my creations are available on Etsy.

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